Angular and Typescript version compatibility

Here is a summary of the relationship between the versions compatibility between Angular, TypeScript and Nodejs.

13.1 4.512.20
13.02021-11-03>= 4.4.2>= 12.20.0
12.0.02021-05-12>= 4.212
11.0.02020-11-11>= 4.012
10.1.02020-09-024.0, >= 3.9
10.0.02020-06-04>= 3.910
9.0.02020-02-06>= 3.6 and 3.7
8.0.02019-05-28>= 3.410

If your mix of versions is not the same it doesn’t mean that your application won’t compile and run. This table is based on Angular’s migration instructions from one version to another. Sometimes the required version of TypeScript and Node are between a range, here it’s shown the minimal version.

If you notice any inconsistency, please write it in the comments, I will fix it.

The main source of this table are the releases notes of Angular that you can findhere.

The table doesn’t report every version of Angular, only the versions that change the version of TypeScript supported.

The goal is to have a better experience using the correct version of TypeScript and its most up-to-date features.

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