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Right click context menu with Angular

Right click custom menu inside dynamic lists with Angular Material

logo of the category: spring-big.svg How to deploy a Java and Angular webapp in one JAR/WAR

How to configure a fullstack Angular and Spring Boot application

Breadcrumb in an Angular application

Show a hierarchical and dynamic breadcrumb in an Angular application configured in the route definition
Olivier Canzillon / 2021-01-24

Enums in Angular templates

How to use enum in the html template

Call a function every x seconds in Angular

Cron style method calling in Angular using RxJS
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Java 17 new feature: Teeing Collector

Teeing Collector examples. A Java 17 LTS new feature!

Java Records, tutorial and code examples

Records in Java 14. Published in DZone.

The final keyword in Java

The final keyword doesnt guarantee the immutabily of your objects. Its really performant?
2018-10-03 / updated: 2019-02-03

Garbage collectors for the busy Java developer (10 min, no maths ;))

(Video + Slides) JavaZone Conference

Initialize a HashMap in Java - Best practices

HashMap initialization and best practices

logo of the category: spring-big.svg Spring Boot: REST controller Test example

How to test the @RestController with Spring Boot
2017-10-01 / updated: 2022-02-14
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Angular common error messages

Angular message errors ... again this one ... how did I solve last time?

logo of the category: spring-big.svg Spring Boot 3.1.2: This method cannot decide ... error

Causes and solutions for the Spring Boot 3.1.2 error: This method cannot decide whether these patterns are Spring MVC patterns or not.

Angular, Typescript and Node version compatibility matrix

List of the compatible versions of Node and TypeScript for Angular

Azure DevOps pipelines: skip on error

How to continue with the Azure DevOps workflow even if a step fails

Angular Material: Display a tooltip on a disabled button

Why the tooltip does not appear? How we can fix it?

Configure Cypress to wait the Java backend in an Angular webapp

How to configure Cypress with Docker to test an Angular/Spring Boot application

Difference between npm ci and npm install

Understanding the Difference Between "npm install" and "npm ci" in Angular

Angular Material: File Upload component tutorial

How to create an input file with Angular Material and unit test input file

2FA OTP Authentication using OpenSource application, privacy included

Protect your privacy when you authenticate

Should I upgrade to Angular 16?

Angular 16 new features

How to store user information between sessions in a Cookie in Angular

Store the user preferences in the browser

Visual Studio Code with Privacy enabled

Protect your privacy when you develop

logo of the category: python-logo.svg PySpark setup, common errors Py4JError and StorageUtils$

Setup PySpark, errors and small problems

logo of the category: spring-big.svg Spring: Autoconfiguration package and the missing JPA Entities (Not a managed type error)

Configure Spring Boot a multi module project with JPA entities in a different module.

logo of the category: spring-big.svg Deploy Angular with Spring Boot in the same executable JAR

Tutorial: How to build an Angular 15 and Spring Boot 3 app in a single JAR. Maven configuration.

logo of the category: firefox-logo.svg Firefox: Response has been truncated

Firefox: solve the `Response has been truncated` error and show the complete JSON

How to configure development and production server in Angular

Angular: Use tsconfig or proxyConfig to easily configure your environment

logo of the category: spring-big.svg @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy examples in Java

How execute code when your Spring Boot application starts / end

logo of the category: spring-big.svg Deploy a Java Web App in DigitalOcean using GitHub Actions

How to deploy a maven application in DigitalOcean directly from GitHub

logo of the category: spring-big.svg Spring Boot Liquibase Tutorial

Tutorial: use Liquibase with Spring to update your database

How to allow public access to the Angular Dev Server during the development

Angular: external access to the dev server

Angular using Example with SonarQube

Example of Angular multi-configuration

logo of the category: python-logo.svg PySpark connection to PostgreSQL ... errors and solutions

How to connect PySpark to PostgreSQL

Angular RxJS: examples cookbook

Angular and RxJS simple example for our daily development.

Angular DatePipe: change the default Date format in all your templates

Tutorial: how to configure the DatePipe format for all your pages. DatePipe global configuration, an Angular 15 new feature

Angular, change the favicon dynamically using SVG images

Tutorial: how to use and update SVG favicons in your Angular application

Angular, how to create a custom Error Handler

Create a pipe that highlight some text

Angular RxJS examples: animated marbles using Web Components.

Some dynamic examples of RxJS