Angular and Java, which IDE?


As you know the IDE is usually a subject of ‘religious’ debate and we want to avoid it. For Java and Angular development you can use any text editor to create the code but here we try to list IDE built to ease the development.

Usually is your employer or client that decides the tool you have to use and you cannot anything to change his mind. Some companies leave the choice to the developer.

Here is a list of tools that are useful for your Java and Angular development.


For Java the 3 leaders are very well known. The best is ‘a matter of preference’.

IntelliJ IDEA : preferred by independent consultants and small companies. Very high-quality environment. Free and commercial license. In see this IDE more and more often in big companies. In the last years it became the king for Java development.

Eclipse : used by many companies. Free and Open source. Until few years ago it was the most used Java environment. It's architecture, flexibility and number of plugins give to Eclipse still some advantages compared to the other environments but as 'development tool' today it seems to be behind IntelliJ.

Visual Studio Code: VSC has more and more features for Java. Microsoft integrates many tools in the IDE specific for Java and RedHat integrated its Java engine used for Eclipse. Today VSC it's a powerful editor for Java, for its 'scripting' nature it misses still some features for big and complex projects. Spring (Pivotal) releases it's tools for VSC too.

Netbeans : excellent tool. Free and open source. It lost a lot of innovation in the last years. Previously was the ‘official' tool proposed by Oracle. It's advocates are still very strong but it misses a lot of plugins to become an ‘universal IDE’.


WebStorm: Angular and Typescript come out of the box. One of the leaders for web development. Created by JetBrains, the same company that produces IntelliJ. Great value-added if used in combination with IntelliJ. Commercial license.

Visual Studio Code: excellent product with built-in support for JavaScript and TypeScript. Free and open source. It's now the standard in the JavaScript community. ex-rising star IDE for web development. You need to install plugins for Angular. Open source.

Sublime Text: excellent IDE for web development. You need to install plugins for Angular. Free and commercial license.

Eclipse: eclipse depends a lot from its plugins universe and volunteers that use their time to extend the platform. There are some plugins that can help you for the web development but I’d suggest to look at other tools.

For this website we will use a combination of tools (trying to compare them) with a preference for free and open source tools.

We will try to use mainly IntelliJ for Java and Visual Studio Code for Angular.

If I had the choice, in a professional environment, I’d choose IntelliJ IDEA (and WebStorm).

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