YouTube Creator Insider Summary (personal notes)

A lot happens in the YouTube algorithm. I’m not really a YouTuber but I’m interested in understanding how the product evolves. The YouTube team gives some insights regularly. The goal here is to summarize these insights for a quick retrieval.

The channel is here: These are my personal notes, maybe there are not correct or contain errors. The link to the original video is published. Please, refer always to the original source

January 18, 2022

Very quick update:

  • the 'Read-Only' users can access the comments on Studio Creator Mobile

January 11, 2022

Understand Content Performance Trends by Highlighting Similar Videos and Creator Insider Survey!

On the scatter plot is now possible to see videos that have similar topics to the one selected.



The goal of this change is to compare the video in analysis with similar videos in the channel to see if it had better or worst results.

From the Insider’s comments: To access the report: Click on ADVANCED MODE on the top right of your Channel Analytics Overview of Studio desktop > COMPARE TO on the top right > "First 24 hours video performance”.

December 22, 2021

Super Thanks, New Memberships Features, Self Certification Update and TOM! Last Newsflash of 2021!

  • When a viewer buys Super Thanks, the comment (Thanks!) is now editable. The feature is not introduced yet for every user and creator.
  • Now it’s possible to export the list of the members of the channel to CSV.
  • IFTT partnership, creators can create a members-only form to collect info from the members. Rolled out but English only.
  • YPP program: a new guideline for dishonest behavior policy

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