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Angular and Svelte: Test drive

Why this 'Test'

work in progress, this page will be updated when more information will be available

I'm developing 2 personal websites to publish on the web and I have to improve their SEO.

One website is about Angular https://ngpef.com and I'm using Angular as framework.

The second website is about Java and I'm using Svelte and Sapper to build it: https://java-version.com.

The goal is to evaluate the advantages and issues that I have with these technologies, the two frameworks are different with different targets and is not my interest declare that one is better than the other.


|Deploy on the web|Easy peasy: Netlify|Some issues, final solution: Docker in Jelastic |
|Different properties per environment|Out of the box|hmmm ... still looking the best solution|
|Static website|Angular Universal ... never worked for me|Sapper, worked well|
|Components|Material, Bootstrap, ...|DIY (Do it yourself)|
|Performances (Google Lighthouse)|96 (Excellent)| 99 (Excellent)|
|TypeScript|Default|Recently added, didn't work for my project (Sapper)|
|Startup|ng new [project-name]|clone a template|
|Add some meta to head|use import {Meta, MetaDefinition} from '@angular/platform-browser'; + 4-5 lines of code|easy: <svelte:head><meta name="Description" content="List..."</svelte:head>">
|Documentation|Extensive and required|I didn't use a lot (intuitive)| `|

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