Why this ‘Test’

work in progress, this page will be updated when more information will be available

I’m developing 2 personal websites to publish on the web and I have to improve their SEO.

One website is about Angular https://ngpef.com and I’m using Angular as framework.

The second website is about Java and I’m using Svelte and Sapper to build it: https://java-version.com.

The goal is to evaluate the advantages and issues that I have with these technologies, the two frameworks are different with different targets and is not my interest declare that one is better than the other.


Task Angular Svelte  
Deploy on the web Easy peasy: Netlify Some issues, final solution: Docker in Jelastic  
Different properties per environment Out of the box hmmm … still looking the best solution  
Static website Angular Universal … never worked for me Sapper, worked well  
Components Material, Bootstrap, … DIY (Do it yourself)  
Performances (Google Lighthouse) 96 (Excellent) 99 (Excellent)  
TypeScript Default Recently added, didn’t work for my project (Sapper)  
Startup ng new [project-name] clone a template  
Add some meta to head use import {Meta, MetaDefinition} from '@angular/platform-browser'; + 4-5 lines of code easy: <svelte:head><meta name="Description" content="List..."</svelte:head>">  
Documentation Extensive and required I didn’t use a lot (intuitive) `