Spring: schedule the execution of a method or a task

To execute a scheduled event in Spring you can use the annotation @Scheduled.

You have to remember to annotate the service or component with @EnableScheduling. This annotation enables the detection of @Scheduled.

You can use the following attributes:

  • cron: UNIX tyle expression, e.g. 0 * * * * MON-FRI
  • fixedDelay
  • fixedRate

The method should not have arguments and it should not return any value (void), the return value is ignored by the scheduler. If the method is called directly the return method is read by the caller.

// the parameter passed is in milliseconds, 5*60*1000 => 5 minutes 
@Scheduled(fixedRate = 5*60*1000)
public void refreshList() {
    // ...


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