How to remember original Design patterns during a technical interview

A common question during technical interview is about patterns. Some are pretty common and they should be known by each developer (IoC, MVC etc.). To be more original you can try to talk about less commonly quoted pattern. To remember more original pattern you can link the different roles of a project to the name of some pattern. Usually you will have some of this roles present at the interview, helping you to remember the pattern.

RolePattern name
Scrum masterServant
DeveloperLazy loading
Project managerDelegation
UX DesignerPrototype
Frontend developerDecorator
Backend developerBuilder
Product OwnerObserver
Business userNull object

There are many other, this table want to help to remember some of them using an association technique. For some of them the meaning and the role are very similar. If your interviewer is cool you can even explain to him this technique.

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