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I regularly look for solutions to the following problems. For this reason I collected here questions and answers.
There is no logic in the order and the solution is more a quick note than a full article, if many questions are about the same subject I will create a separate page.

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Node.js: I need multiple versions of Node.js installed on my machine ...

Use nvm

If you are using MacOS,
brew install nvm
If you are using zsh (MacOS 10.15) you have to update .zshrc according to the documentation of Homebrew.


  • Install the latest node version: nvm install node
  • Use the latest node version: nvm use node
  • Install the latest LTS version: nvm install --lts
  • Install a specific version (e.g.): nvm install 10.10

List of node.js releases:

NgRX: Can I Dispatch an event inside a reducer? How can I subscribe an action?

It should be avoided, this is an antipattern:

In my case the question come often because when I need to chain the events the 'shortcut' would be to start them in the reducer and not in the business code.

Example solution, in this case after an event occurred I want to load some data from the store and call a new action with this data:

constructor(public actions$: Actions, public store: Store<AppState>) { 
const observableOfTheEventToStart$ ) => state.yourState); 
    mergeMap(() => observableOfTheEventToStart$), 
    map(resultEventToStart => SeconfActionToCall(resultEventToStart))) 

Drag Drop and Shift

This is usually used in tree structures / catalogs

insertAndShift(originalArray, fromIndex, toIndex) { 
    const cutFrom = originalArray.splice(fromIndex, 1)[0]; 
    originalArray.splice(toIndex, 0, cutFrom); 

How to check Angular CLI version

npm @angular/cli -v

How to check Angular version

npm @angular -v

How to uninstall Angular CLI

npm uninstall @angular/cli

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