I regularly look for solutions to the following problems. For this reason I collected here questions and answers. There is no logic in the order and the solution is more a quick note than a full article, if many questions are about the same subject I will create a separate page.

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Node.js: I need multiple versions of Node.js installed on my machine …

Use nvm

If you are using MacOS, https://formulae.brew.sh/formula/nvm: ` brew install nvm ` If you are using zsh (MacOS 10.15) you have to update .zshrc according to the documentation of Homebrew.


List of node.js releases: https://nodejs.org/en/download/releases/

NgRX: Can I Dispatch an event inside a reducer? How can I subscribe an action?

It should be avoided, this is an antipattern: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36730793/can-i-dispatch-an-action-in-reducer

In my case the question come often because when I need to chain the events the ‘shortcut’ would be to start them in the reducer and not in the business code.

Example solution, in this case after an event occurred I want to load some data from the store and call a new action with this data:

constructor(public actions$: Actions, public store: Store<AppState>) {

const observableOfTheEventToStart$ )  store.select(state => state.yourState);

    mergeMap(() => observableOfTheEventToStart$),
    map(resultEventToStart => this.store.dispatch(new SeconfActionToCall(resultEventToStart)))


Drag Drop and Shift

This is usually used in tree structures / catalogs

insertAndShift(originalArray, fromIndex, toIndex) {
    const cutFrom = originalArray.splice(fromIndex, 1)[0];
    originalArray.splice(toIndex, 0, cutFrom);

How to check Angular CLI version

npm @angular/cli -v

How to check Angular version

npm @angular -v

How to uninstall Angular CLI

npm uninstall @angular/cli