Quick start your new Angular 5 (beta) / Spring Boot 2 (beta) project

This is a simple bootstrap for a web application based on Angular 5 (beta), Spring Boot 2 (beta), Angular Material.

The application gives you a structure to start a new project with a simple REST service called from the frontend.

Some features:

In the future I will simply fix the configuration and update the dependencies. No feature will be added.

Build and run the project

You can find the project here:


to run it

git clone https://github.com/marco76/spring-angular-material
cd ./spring-angular-material mvn package
java -jar ./target/ng-spring-full-app-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war

You can access the application on https://localhost:8080

Build and run in development

During the development you have to start the frontend and the backend separately.

The frontend runs on node.js, you can start with ng serve: https://localhost:4200 The frontend runs on Tomcat embedded: https://localhost:8080