In the post Cheap and easy DevOps for developers I described the architecture of the deployment with the focus on the configuration of the proxy.

Here a cheatsheet of the operations that I execute to deploy the Angular & Java application from the client to the server (

On the client:

  1. compile the application, from the parent module: mvn clean install

  2. build the image, from the directory that contains the Docker configuration: docker build -t javaee/angular2-java-hello-world .

  3. push the image to dockerhub: docker push javaee/angular2-java-hello-world:latest

On the server that hosts the application:

  1. get the image: docker pull javaee/angular2-java-hello-world

  2. stop the running image, angular is the name of the image: docker stop angular

  3. remove the image: docker rm angular

  4. run the new image: docker run --name angular -d -p 8080:8082 javaee/angular2-java-hello-world