Few months ago I created a demo application with Java EE, Angular JS and MongoDB. The article is here: https://marco.dev/2016/03/14/openshift-angularjs-javaee-mongodb-css-mycv/

The result is visible here: myCv.host

I like a lot Angular 2 but I know that the market is still Angular 1.5x dominated. For this reason I will maintain and upgrade this demo, maybe using it to shows the differences between AngularJS and Angular 2.

I converted the example to be a simple auto deploy tomcat jar file. MongoDB has been replaced with H2. The Git Repository is here: https://github.com/marco76/myCv_spring


After ‘mvn package’ you can launch the application with this command: java –jar ./target/ROOT.jar

If you go to https://localhost:8080 you should see this:


The technical details will follow!