Angular and Java are full stack frameworks, for this reason the applications implemented with the 2 technologies tend to have similar logical layers.

The following table try to match the different terminology of Angular and Java. The match is not 100% correct but the goal is to help the developer to quickly find himself in the other technology.

AngularJS and Angular 2 Definition In Java
Template HTML with additional markup JSP or JSF page
Directive custom attributes for HTML custom tags in JSP, custom component in JSF
Model data showed in the view Model in Spring, Managed Bean in JSF
Scope context in where the model is stored Request / Session etc.
Filter formatting for the screen JSTL formatter in JSP, converter in JSF
Controller logic behind the screens @Controller in Spring, @RequestScoped
Injector retrieve object instances from the provider @Inject
Module container for a part of the app (services, directives, …) Package artifact
Service business logic @Service, @EJB


Don’t hesitate to suggest other terms or send corrections.